Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv #05

Paradise of parks and beaches

Some European capital cities have parks. Some have beaches. Very few have both. Kyiv is the exception. The Ukrainian capital has a wealth of green spaces. There are so many trees within the city limits that the adopted symbol of Kyiv is the chestnut leaf. This has helped generate a garden city atmosphere very much in keeping with Ukraine’s reputation as Europe’s fertile breadbasket. guests will be even more surprised by the city’s kilometers of sandy beaches. Most Eurovision guests will arrive at the event venue on Kyiv’s Left Bank via metro. As they travel across the Dnipro River metro bridge, they will witness a stunning panorama of islands and beaches unfolding before their eyes. This explosion of exotica is the last thing most visitors will expect to see. It will go a long way to dispelling any lingering stereotypes about a drab and joyless Soviet city.

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