Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv #04

The fashion world’s latest hipster hotspot

For the first decade after the fall of the Iron Curtain, the post-Soviet world struggled to shake off associations with chronic bad taste. Ladies faced criticism for wearing too much makeup and not enough clothing, while men often appeared to be dressed as extras in a cheap mobster movie. This is no longer the case in Kyiv. Ukrainian designers are currently among the hottest trends in world fashion. They take their inspiration from the stylish wardrobe choices and originality on display in everyday Kyiv life. The Ukrainian capital is also a hipster haven where beards and tattoos are virtually ubiquitous. Barber salons and painfully fashionable popup cafes are two of the most common features of the post-Euromaidan Kyiv landscape, reflecting the relentless march of this growing hipster domination. With Berlin now gentrified and Prague long since lost to the stag party scene, underexposed Kyiv could well be next in line to serve as Europe’s hipster capital.

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